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Why your business might benefit from a virtual assistant

22 May 2018

Any entrepreneur will know that running a small business in the digital age is extremely time consuming.


There’s so much to keep on top of, it’s inevitable that things get overlooked. Chiefly, the ‘smaller’ daily tasks are often the first to suffer if you find yourself being tugged in many different directions.


Finding yourself in this position isn’t unusual, nor is it reason to think you’ve failed - it’s just an inevitable side effect of running a business that doesn’t have the benefit of an HR department, finance team and room full of sales people.


Help might be at hand, though. If you’re yet to investigate the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, now might be the time!


What is a virtual assistant?

Firstly, let’s clear one thing up - the type of virtual assistant we’re referring to isn’t of the digital variety; we’re talking about a real, living, breathing person.


Virtual assistants are typically freelancing professionals who act as remote assistants for several clients. That means they usually undertake their work at home and under the guise of working directly for your company.


You’ll rarely, if ever, see them face-to-face, but they’ll always be there on the end of the phone, email or Skype when you need assistance. They can deal with incoming calls, emails and manage your calendar - basically, any of the smaller jobs which are absolutely vital to keeping the business running but which take up far too much of your own time.


Here’s three benefits to hiring a virtual assistant:


1. You will regain time

All that time lost to managing your diary, replying to emails and dealing with incoming invoices certainly adds up, and if you can find a virtual assistant flexible enough to take on a broad range of smaller tasks, you’ll get all of that time back to invest in growing your business.


2. It will reduce hidden costs

Have you ever worked out how much it costs in your own time to undertake those tasks that you know, deep down, would be best undertaken by someone else?


Although it might be an unpalatable answer, it’s a calculation that’s definitely work making. Your own time is invaluable, but as soon as you put a monetary value on it, the amount you’re spending doing repetitive, low-level work is often frightening.


A virtual assistant may feel like another overhead you can’t afford, but it’s almost certainly more cost-effective in the long run when you realise how costly your own time is.


3. The logistics are easy

If you hire a full time personal assistant, you’ll be met with several challenges.


Firstly, they’ll need to sit somewhere, which might mean squeezing them into your office (and therefore making working conditions uncomfortable for you both), or - worse - relocating to accommodate them.


Equally, you’ll have another employee on board, and with it, all of the HR and payroll related stress and expense to contend with.


Virtual assistants are rather different. They’ll usually work from home, and because they’re not on payroll, you won’t have to worry about the HR element. They’ll need managing, of course, but if you pick a virtual assistant with enough experience, they’ll be more than capable of autonomy and doing a brilliant job for you.


Wrapping up

Virtual assistants aren’t for everyone, and you may well find that the budget won’t quite stretch to one at the moment, but we’ve hopefully given you enough food for thought in this blog.


Hired help of this kind could be the thing you need to take your business onto the next level.


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