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Why local networking should remain a vital tactic for every business

30 April 2018

As the old saying goes, “it’s not what you know but who you know” and that really rings true when you’re involved in running a business.


In days gone by, there were fewer networking groups than there are available today, and business contact outside of the office was typically made socially in golf and sports clubs, pubs and through personal contacts.


There’s nothing wrong with those methods, of course, but with so many established networking groups in operation, there’s a huge range of opportunities to explore.


For instance, head into Northamptonshire, and you’ll find breakfast, lunchtime and evening networking groups. There are even specialised groups for women, and some groups that are industry specific – all of which are designed to offer opportunities for entrepreneurs, executives and ground staff to expand their list of useful contacts.


Visiting more than one networking group is vital if you want to find those that best suit your business and your personality. This is because there are often vast differences between networking groups in the way they’re staged and the type of audience they attempt to attract.


As our CEO Mike Willis explains, the organisers of networking events put a great deal of thought into the who, what, why and when of their events.


“Our choice is to meet in the evenings, where we find people are much more relaxed having finished their working day,” says Mike. “This means they can enjoy three well organised meetings each month and invest time in networking over dinner, followed by a full meeting ending at 8.30pm. We’re there to specifically create opportunities to do business with each other through the large number of contacts that every Business Club member and guest possesses.


“We strongly encourage our members to use each other wherever possible. As a result, millions of pounds worth of business has been achieved through our networking activities since we began in 2007.


“We include networking, sales, marketing and business training in our packages, together with many unique ways of promoting members’ businesses in order to get a real return on investment. We have also launched The Business Club Bucks, based in Milton Keynes, and have recently added ‘TheNew2BusinessClubNorthants’, which is designed specifically to assist start-up and emerging businesses.”


So, there are many beneficial reasons for your business to try local networking – even in the digital age!


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