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How to give your business a spring clean

28 March 2018

It's that time of year; longer days and warmer weather means it's the perfect opportunity for you to give your business a spring clean.

We don't mean just flicking around with the metaphorical duster, either – it time to reorganise your business to achieve maximum success this year!

Here’s how to get started:

Look at your business plan

Spring is a great opportunity to revisit your business plan and rewrite it if necessary. Look at what you've written before and see which of the goals you’ve achieved over the last 12 months.

It's time to sit down and contemplate why some goals were achieved and others missed and see what you could change over the next year to avoid the latter happening again.

Set your goals

Rewriting a business plan is a great excuse for setting new targets and setting your sights and ambitions higher than before.

You’re probably aware of new business opportunities since the original plan was written, too, so take some time out to research and add them into any future plans.

Improve your web presence

Now is the time to have a realistic look at your website and see how it compares with the competition. Is it up-to-date? Does it look modern and, more importantly, does it work on your smartphone properly?

This may be an opportunity to invest in professional web design to boost your conversion rates and stand out from the crowded marketplace.

Boost your social media presence

We’re all busy with our day-to-day activities but there are so many opportunities to utilise social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

There's no doubt that when done well, social media can be a powerful tool to communicate with customers and build awareness of your brand.

Start thinking about when your target market is most likely to be online and try and get into the habit of posting at that time. To save you some time, devote a portion of your day or week to pre-writing posts and scheduling them with software like Hootsuite. It’s worth the effort.

Brush up your marketing methods

It may be when reviewing your business plan that you realise your marketing methods need a brush-up (particularly if you’re suspicious your current tactics may be limiting your business growth).

If you’re unsure about this, conduct a thorough review of how you reach out to customers and consider new ways of doing so (is it costing you more than necessary to bring new customers on board?).

One way to achieve business success is to retain loyal customers, so it's worthwhile planning a specific marketing campaign to keep these customers engaged with your business. Thankfully, there are some simple things you can do to help a customer feel valued, including ‘liking’ their comments on Facebook or Twitter, and replying swiftly to any social media messages they send you.

Spring clean your workplace

Finally, since it’s spring, now is a great opportunity to clean your workplace. Go beyond a general tidy and focus on decluttering items you no longer use; throw out or digitise files you can do without and remove furniture and equipment that no longer serves a purpose. This process is good for the mind, too!

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