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The New To Experts - Member Spotlight

9 August 2016

The New To Experts - Member Spotlight

We facilitate and coach individuals and teams. Our programmes develop your understanding of organisational expectations and team behaviour by enhancing the breadth of communication skills. Our team-building expertise brings to life your organisational values, creating a culture where individuals at all levels strive to continually learn and develop, enhancing their personal growth and in turn the company’s.

Our core programmes ensure that whether your employees are New to Work, New to Management, New to Leadership or New to Coaching, they will gain the skills and confidence to become both effective and efficient in their role.

New to Work – our programme, aimed at all new employees including graduates and apprentices, focuses on the communication skills that will quickly embed the individual into the team, developing their confidence to offer ideas and solutions.

New to Management – our programme focuses on the core behaviours and skills that will transform technically competent individuals, enabling them to develop empowered and motivated teams.

New to Leadership – our programme emphasises team development; the skills needed to develop vision and growth for your organisation, and the legacy you wish to create.

Our programmes are entirely bespoke; because you know your business is unique.

At The New To Experts, our team have worked with small, medium and large organisations across the UK  providing training, team-building and individual coaching.

Proud to be centrally located in Northamptonshire – the “Rose of the Shires”, we offer training across Northamptonshire, the East & West Midlands, the North- West and Yorkshire.

Please visit our website or give is a call on 0800 246 5417.

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