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IMC Pro Solutions - Member Spotlight

1 December 2016

IMC Pro Solutions

IMC Pro Solutions was formed with one main goal in mind; To make a difference!

The training we provide has been designed and written with passion, integrity and expertise.

Offering fun and professional courses and support, we always endeavour to make a real change to any business we work with.

Providing online, independent and in-house business training; our main focus is on mental health in the workplace.

Having both had different experiences in this area, we believe there is a real need to create a culture change within organisations of all sizes. IMC Pro Solutions work with companies to identify mental health issues and work with individuals to help them in their working life. By being an empathetic employer, companies will benefit from reduced sickness costs, high staff retention rates, high productivity and a boost in motivation.

So, who are IMC Pro Solutions?

IMC Pro Solutions - Member Spotlight

Alison Curryer – Beginning her career as an A&E nurse, Alison has always had a passion for helping others and working in challenging roles. After several years, she developed a work-related skin condition and had to make thedifficult decision to move away from nursing and embarked on a career in training.

Over the next sixteen years, Alison built a successful career in the training industry, finally securing the position of Operations Manager for a large training provider before being made redundant some time later.

Verity Wilkie – Verity has enjoyed a successful career in training and management. After spending many years working for a large travel provider, she made the decision to spend some time at home, raising her children.

During this time, she assisted her partner in building his own successful business.

With a history of volunteering as a counsellor for a well-known charitable organisation, Verity has a keen interest in mental health and the effects it has on the workplace.

To find out more about the training and support IMC Pro Solutions can offer, call 01536 674023 or email

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