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  • Stephen MacFarlaine, SME Development Manager

    "When I attended my first Business Club Northants event I expected to get a little information about the Club but was tentative about whether I would actually get much benefit from networking that day. I met Verity & Allison from IMCPro Solutions during the break, I was interested in understanding how they could help us in our planning and operation of social media to market and raise awareness of Goodwill Solutions Learning Academy as I was very aware that our existing approach was piecemeal and disorganised. Verity explained about their half day Social Media training course as well as their monthly aftercare process to keep businesses on track and I knew it was just what we needed. The course was excellent, lots of information and homework and it allowed us to build a workable plan for our social media as well as understand what kind of content would work best. What did this prove to me? The Club and it’s networking events really do work, you meet great people and develop good working relationships with other local businesses."

  • Neeta Patel, Rosemary Bookkeeping

    "Since joining the Business Club in April 2017 I have gained 4 clients. Members are encouraged to use each other’s services where possible which I think is a great idea as otherwise how could you recommend them to others if you don’t try them out first? In return I have used the services of 4 (different) members and have never had any issues. I am more than happy to recommend their services to others. What I also enjoy about the business club is how relaxed, yet still structured, the meetings are. This is great for me as I have generally done a whole day’s work and look forward to attending a friendly evening meeting with lovely food and company which for me is important as I work on my own. The Business Club have some long standing members which just goes to show how much they enjoy and benefit from their membership. Mike is very supportive and always offers help and advice. He has a vast amount of experience and is happy to share this knowledge to help businesses grow."

  • Vanessa Wallace, Crystal Clear Coaching

    "Being a member of the Business club helped kickstart my business, helped me to feel confident in the business world and secured me a few of my first leads. I also met other people who attended the business club as guests or speakers who I have used their services for my business. These recommended connections were invaluable."

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