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  • Emma Speirs, Director, Ballyhoo PR

    "I have really seen the benefit of being a Business Club member since I joined last year. The meetings and initial training I attended were enjoyable and I have made some valuable contacts. I have also received business as a direct result of conversations I have had at the Business Club."

  • Elaine Kemp, Director, Healthcare Improvement Exp

    "As a networking novice I was unsure about joining any networking club. However, The Business Club Northants have been hugely welcoming and I have gained extensive support learning business essentials and encouragement from the CEO Mike and members alike. I have had the opportunity to promote my business in particular running a motivational development course which has been well attended by members, an audience and income I wouldn’t have had access to without the this great networking group. The meetings are fun and I would encourage anyone to come along and visit as a guest to try it for themselves."

  • Sunil Bhalla, Leaseline – The Vehicle Leasing Spec

    "I would like to testify the business club has an excellent approach to bringing businesses together in a friendly and well organised environment. The meetings are viewed as motivating and of immense value. We can confidently state as a result of the meetings we have generated a lot of business from the club. We have been attending regularly for almost a year and found the club rewarding and a great setting to further businesses."

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