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  • Kiall Bagnell, Park Woodfine Heald Mellows

    "“Hi Mike, Pleasure to meet you last night. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the group, it was a very well organized and structured meeting. I’ve been to a couple of different groups recently (BNI, 4Networking etc) and I much preferred your approach”."

  • Roy Wood. Senior Partner.St. James’s Place Wealth

    "“I attend various networking events throughout five counties but I must say, without a doubt, yours is the most professionally run networking event of them all!
    The success stems not just from business generated but the very relaxed manner you create, which encourages people to network freely. It’s been a real pleasure to meet you and to attend your events which have always provided ample opportunities for business.”"

  • David Croxton. MD of Cold Ashby Golf Club.

    "“A very useful morning. I have attended similar events in the past but found this the most positive yet!”"

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